Filou x Giulia: a unisex capsule collection out now!

Our vision for the future

Letting children enjoy life in a carefree way, that’s what we want to keep fighting for. 
At Filou & Friends we want to take steps - with our customers - to create a better world for our children. 
Within what’s possible and with heaps of ambition to have impact in our way.

That ambition is written down in our manifesto, a guide for the future. 
And for the littlest of little ones, Filou will share the story in his own way in a short animated video. 

Playing through life, for every child

Every child deserves to grow up carefree. To discover the world in play, without having to worry about what life will bring. 
Leave the worrying to us. Because while we give as many children as possible the chance to enjoy life in a carefree way, 
we’re also drawing the patterns for a world that will fit the next generation of children like a glove. 

We are determined to mean more to our customers. 
We want to be their Partner In Life, with whom they can shape this world full of fun. 
In order to fill that role, we rely on three essential pillars.

First and foremost, Filou & Friends is Fashion-proof
After all, a child’s creativity knows no bounds. 
That’s why we design outfits with an infinite number of possibilities, 
where imagination and freedom to mix and match get free range. 

We want to be Play-proof, because playing children are our most important source of inspiration. 
Lasting quality, with maximum freedom to move and minimum wear, is essential.

In a final instance, we work hard to be Future-proof
We look forward to a world in which the current Filou & Friends children will grow up. 
They deserve a world to live and be safe in, a society where everyone matters. 

The world keeps turning faster, but ASAP means As Sustainable As Possible at Filou & Friends. 
We look towards sustainability without losing sight of comfort, honesty and affordability. 
But words alone won’t make us achieve this goal. To turn them into actions, we roll up our sleeves each and every day. 
As unshakeable and tireless as our playing children.