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Sustainability at Filou & Friends

Allowing children to have a carefree life, that's what we want to keep going for. More than ever before, as Filou & Friends, we want to commit to this. At Filou & Friends, together with our clients, we want to take steps to create a better world for our children. Within our means, and with great ambition to create impact in our own way. And we have written down this ambition in our manifesto, a guideline for the future. Read our mission here.

Or walk through the 6 stages of a Filou garment below.


Fashion proof + play proof + future proof!


At Filou & Friends, we believe that every child deserves to grow up carefree, to discover the world through play. We base this on three pillars: fashion proof + play proof + future proof.

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Choosing the right resources


We always look for the right resources when designing each collection. Our goal is to ensure that our products are not only safe for children, but also produced fairly for everyone in the supply chain.

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Responsible throughout the entire value chain

At Filou & Friends, we value responsible production with a focus on transparency, ecology and local production. We achieve this by working for years with the same production partners. All companies that share our values.

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A premium service for our customer and the planet

As Filou & Friends, we want to be a premium brand with accompanying premium service for our customers. By premium service, we mean becoming a true partner-in-life.

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5. USE

Long live your favorite garment

One of the ways we can work together to create a more sustainable future is by extending the life of our garments. We often find that clothes are thrown away prematurely because of improper washing practices. That's why we've created a handy list so you always know exactly how to wash your clothes!


Filou Forever & Social initiatives

Filou Forever is the second-hand brand of Filou & Friends, launched in 2022. Under this name, we want to give clothing that still meets our quality standards a second life. At Filou & Friends, we also think it is important to do our bit for society. We do this in various ways. For example, every year we sell heart pins during the Berre Fund's Cherish Week to support parents and families who have lost a child. We also participate in “De Warmste Week” to raise money for charities.

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